Tuesday, 30 June 2009

hmm, so ive been thinking. and looking. i completely hate my wardrobe at the moment, its so typically topshop-esque, lets follow latest fashion-type/same as everyone else. i really want to find some originality to what i wear. i think its down to how well you put things together, making them look different from how topshop/h&m/primark puts it together on the mannequins. i like looking unique; different from my friends and all the other girls out there. hmm. i think im going to take a trip around some charity shops because i see all these other people who find great things!

on another note, im thinking of getting extentions. my hair is bland and im stuck in a rut. my hair takes aaaaaaages to grow, so extentions would be a quick fix! im just going to get the clip in ones though, my hair can't endure any more damage...
oh and the top picture is by paco rabane, for my art coursework im looking into sixties fashion and this dress really intrigues me, the metal discs of it are amazing.


  1. I know what you mean.. I try to be different but sometimes the clothes I like are what a billion other people like too!

    If you have a good rummage you will find some good bargains in charity shops. Also if you're a dab hand at sewing you can take up hems and sew bits on, etc etc..


  2. @Victoria - yeah, im not toooo bad at sewing lol i can just about manage sewing buttons on etc, i just need to be more creative really :) xx

  3. I have tagged you in my latest post. Go have a look :)