Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Getting to know me

What made you choose your blog/twitter/YouTube username?
Blog: Well these are my make up ramblings :)
My twitter username is my name but my Youtube name is feeltheromanced. Cringe. Don't ask why, I made it literally when I was 14 and I just havent gotten around to making a new account

What's your actual name?
Heather, no middle names.

Do you have any nicknames?
I actually have loads, I very rarely get called Heather now from my friends. Very random ones have been made up, much to my chagrin haha

Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?
Most of my time is spent with my friends, I love socialising and generally being out of the house. When I am in the house, I either love to cook or watch Sex and the City marathons :)

What do you do?
I'm a student still, with a crappily paid job.

What would you like to do?
My ideal job would to be an architect, I'm currently working towards it. This is from a practical sense, if I could be anything I would definitely love to have a job in the beauty/fashion industry.

Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?
Well when I'm out on the town with my friends, I love to dance. It may not seem embarrassing but I like to dance as if I was 50 cents girls aka that sort of scene. I love that sort of music :)

Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you
I'm double jointed in my hip and toes.

What do you most like about yourself?
I'm quite tall

If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mini Haul

I went shopping today into Newcastle. I tend to do this about every 1 or 2 months, mainly because they have a bigger primark,topshop, all saints etc and more selection. I was going to purchase some things from MAC, mainly Well Dressed blusher but didn't end up unfortunately.

I only made one make up purchase, a Revlon Matte lipstick in Pink Pout. I am very into bright lips at the moment, mainly pinks since the arrival of blonde hair :) I've saw these Revlon Matt lipsticks on other blogs and was curious to what they were like in person. I opted for Pink Pout over Nude Attitude as I thought this would be more wearable.

I would describe this lipstick as a dusty pink. I thought it would be similar to Barry M's 100 (which I love, a perfect barbie pink, I'd recommend it highly) but the Revlon is much more of a muted pink. However, it still is very vibrant and long lasting. I actually couldn't believe how long this lasted, I put it on after lunch and is still on (albeit not as perfect) whilst I'm writing this at 9.20pm. The only downside I have to say is it is very drying. Has anyone else experienced this? My lips are just dying for a coat of Vaseline!

I have been wanting a grey blazer for a while now, my black blazer is never off my back, I love the combination of leather leggings and blazers. I found one in Primark for a mere £17.

It has some terrible naff black buttons on, which I am planning on taking off and sewing on some buttons that I found in Fenwicks haberdashery section.

p.s I'm having real problems with blogger! When I upload pictures, they go straight to the top of my blog post and I have to drag them down to the bottom where I want them. It also leaves huge gaps between my writing, which I have to go back and alter. This is sooo fustrating, I end up nearly throwing my laptop out of a window in anger haha, am I doing something wrong?

Any help would greatly be appreciated!! thankyou x

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Yay or Nay

St Moritz Fake Tan Mousse- see previous post!
Chips- not good for me but I'm loving them at the moment with lots of salt and vinegar mmm
Gossip Girl books- even better than the programme! I read these first and I loved them. Imagine my delight when I heard they were being made into a TV series. Beware though, the plots are totally different!
Exams finish tomorrow
Bank Holiday nights out- two words, danny dyer.

Exam revision.
Rimmel Pro Nail varnish chipping! Up to ten days my arse. I have a top coat on too!
Sleep. I'm always tired even when I go to bed at 10pm and sleep till 12pm
Money. Have hardly any. And I'm going to mac next week.

I should be revising...

...anything to cause a diversion! Just a quick update on fake tan!

I love fake tan, I'm naturally pale so fake tan for me is a must. It definitely makes me look healthier and I feel better in myself when I'm tanned. I've tried most self tanners out there, bar St Tropez and Fake Bake (something which I want to invest in in the future) and I've had my experiences with all. Recently, I've been using more of the gradual tan lotions, such as Nivea Gradual Tan and Garnier SummerBody. They have left a nice, golden colour, however I didn't like how long it took to build that colour up!

I came across "St.Moritz" Instant Self Tanning Mousse (I know, a TERRIBLE name, such a rip off from St.Tropez haha) in a local beauty shop in town. This shop sells discounted make-up and beauty products, things that you don't see on your Boots or Superdrug selves, mainly because they have been discounted. Most places probably have one of these shops.

I was attracted to this fake tan, mainly by the shape of the bottle. Very St.Tropez-esque. The lady in the shop said that it was a "best seller" and lots of people had bought it so far. I thought I may aswell give it ago, it was only £3.49 and if it was horrible then it's not like I have wasted a lot of money on it.

I LOVE THIS. It is, by far, the best fake tan I've tried. It leaves a gorgeous deep tan colour, something that can only be achieved by two weeks in the Med! It is a mousse that I apply all over, evenly rubbing in. It has a colour guide too, so you can see where you are putting it. At first, you look very dark (depending on how much mousse you apply) then it develops in 4-6 hours. Now I put this on before I go to bed and the next morning, I'm so tanned, it can look a bit stupid but hop in the shower and then you are left tanned and beautiful. I'd highly recommend this fake tan, if you can find it.

TIP: you must, and I say must, wash your hands after applying about every 5 minutes. The colour guide is so dark, your hands will turn black!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Rainy Day

Today I decided to face the rain and go into town to pick up a few pieces.

I really needed a black boob tube, long enough so that it could be worn on its own but also under other clothes that I have. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a long black one, I searched high and low. I knew Topshop sold them but I really didn't want to have to fork out £14 for something that I knew I could get cheaper elsewhere.

Luckily I held out and found one in H&M for only £7.99. They also had these in white, red and yellow.

I had some money to spare so I went into Superdrug to look at the make up. I got two products, a Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight 700. This was about £5.19 and I loved the swatch on my hand when I was in the shop. However when I got home and put it on my lips, I'm not sure of it. It looks a bit too orangey and too "old" for me. It was a toss up between this, the Barry M 101 and the new Revlon Matt lipstick in Nude Attitude. Maybe I should have gone for one of the others.

I also got a NYC Cheek Glow blush in West Side Wine. This is a gorgeous pinky mauve colour that I think looks lovely on. It was only around £3 so the longevity of this product might not be long. But for the price you can't complain! I took a picture of this but my laptop is playing up and just doesn't want to upload the picture of the blush in the pan.

Swatches of the blush (top) and lipstick (bottom). Sorry for the such bad quality light and pictures, I use my Samsung tocco phone and it hasn't got the best of camera quality!

Thursday, 14 May 2009


Until probably about the last year or two, I never really followed a skin routine. Make up came off with a face wipe, splash of water on the face and if I'm lucky, a slap of body moisturiser on the face.

Now, I follow a routine of cleansing and moisturising twice a day. This is what I use:

On the left is Neutrogena Visibly Clear gentle exfoliating wash. I use this on a morning followed by Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturiser (on the right). At night I follow the same steps but use Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing cleanser (middle) before my moisturiser. I think of this cleanser as my toner, even though I know it isn't one, probably due to the fact you apply with a cotton ball.

I'm always amazed at how much dirt this clears off my face, even when I've thought my face has been totally clean due to the baby wipes and Neutrogena face wash that I've just used. On the other hand, I haven't noticed any change in the amount of blackheads I have. Maybe this product is more of a prevention method rather than the cure, so to speak.

However, I'm starting to get bored with this routine and I'm wondering whether this is actually improving my skin or just making it worse. I still get spots and blackheads, my skin is still dry in places so I've decided to switch it up, although not that much.

I found this in my cupboard yesterday so I've decided to give it a try again. It's the Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash (I am just a walking advert for clean&clear ha ha ha). I suspect this could be just the Neutrogena face wash but in another packaging or very similar. They do have the same name!
I'm going to carry on using this instead of the Neutrogena and skipping out the blackhead clearing cleanser step for about 1 or 2 weeks then report back.


My outfit of the day
Even though it's fairly sunny here today where I live, I'm always cold so I choose this "ensemble". I'm just having a slouchy round the house day with no makeup so I decided on leggings and this oversized shirt from topshop. Excuse the long socks haha, I think i look like some sort of equestrian rider 8-)

I'm back

So I started this blog a while back, did two posts then got a bit bored. I thought I was more suited to just following other people's blogs and not being a blogger but I've been enticed back.

I should be doing law/maths exam revision as i have 5 as exams next week (!) but heres my ins/outs of this week.

blonde hair - recently dyed it from black, to red, to gingery red and now to blonde (all in the space of about 5 weeks) and i'm loving it :)

weather - its been really nice and sunny here in the UK :) however im still cooped up at home in leggings, a shirt and thick socks haha

mac fluidline in blacktrack - wore eyeliner again yesterday for the first time in about 2 months and im loving it

barry m bronzer - got this for christmas, was loving it way before everyone found out about it!

pastel blue nails

study leave aka free time to spend with my friends having a nice drink in the sun

diets - no explanation needed for this!

eyeko tinted cream - i just cant seem to get the hang of this. when applied it rubs off my foundation underneath and just makes me look dirty and glittery, not bronzed and beautiful that i hoped

having no money - i have precisely £7 in my purse atm. and im trying to decide what i should buy with it: 101 lipstick, prestige glam tan or maybelline mineral blush?


my sally's having no silk infusion :( dont think im ever going to end up getting this!