Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Attempt in toning up my skin

With my holiday fast approaching (60 days eeek!) I am trying to make an effort in losing weight and toning up for a good bikini body. I really don't want to look like a beached whale in my group of friends so from this week, healthy eating is a must. I also have problems with the backs of my thighs and tops of my arms. The phrase thunder thighs springs to mind (ha!) so I am determined to tone up my legs. I bought this today hoping that it might do some work.
It's a Thai Spa Body Massager or in other words, a body brush. It was £3.29 in my local Superdrug. It claims to "gently stimulate circulation and tone your skin". The top picture shows a close up of the body brush with a combination of bristle hairs and these small soft plastic knobly bits. It's quite stiff so I'm thinking that this is really going to work deep into my skin.
I am planning to use this every night on my skin after a shower (or maybe before, I'm not sure what would be best) in combination with the Boots Expert Total Body Anti-Cellulite cream. I've not yet purchased this but I've heard good things so fingers crossed.

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  1. I use the boots expert cellulite cream and its great, Im on my 2nd bottle, definatly worth buying xx