Thursday, 4 June 2009

A nice surprise from Benefit

So after reading Marcia's blog today (Let there be shopping!!) I had to hurry out and buy Glamour magazine. Why? Well because it had a freebie of a Benefit badgal Lash mascara! I panicked thinking it would sell out but of course it hadn't in my local newsagents. I remember, maybe last year, when Glamour gave away a Benefit Her Glossiness lip gloss and I couldn't find the magazine ANYWHERE. Luckily I managed to get my hands on one and the lip gloss in a very vivid pink.

Seems as though Glamour is only £2, it's a great freebie as the mascara is worth £9.50 itself. Yes it's a smaller version but just as good. I personally love this mascara, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Volumised lashes and it lasts.

Onto other things:

I'm jumping on the bandwagon late here but I only got round to purchasing the Prestige Skin Loving Minerals bronzer in Glam Tan. This is reduced to only £6 in Boots from around its usual £8/£9 price. I haven't tried it yet but I've got high hopes from the swatch I made. I thought maybe it could be used as an all over bronzer but it's way too shimmery so I think I'll just stick to the cheeks or to highlight.

I also got this powder brush from a stall in the Metro Centre (which is a big shopping centre near to where I live). It was £3 and for the price, it's amazing quality. It hasn't shed (yet) and has the softest bristles. I haven't had a powder brush like this (!), how I survived I dont know haha, and I've now realised its functionality. I've previously been using a kabuki for just about everything powder related. Yes, that means bronzers, mineralized skin finish natural, blush etc.
I have a very small brush collection, maybe around 10 brushes made up of Ruby & Millie and other random makes. I can't justify (or afford) spending £20+ on MAC brushes so I'm looking around for cheaper but just as good alternatives.
This make, w7 I think, seems very good so I will be going back for more.


  1. oh no, now im panicking about the mag lol. I'm going shopping tomorro but i fear i may be too late! oh the horror of amazing freebies with magazines. I didnt get a benefit gloss last year either :( xxx

  2. Oooh I must go at pick up that magazine, if they still have it! I bet everyone will have the same idea :)
    I have that prestige bronzer too, like you said it is wayyyy too glittery to be an all over bronzer but it makes an amazing hightlight :)

  3. @zoella i'm sure if you go to like a smaller newsagents where they sell it, they will be loads!
    there is probably loads everywhere but i'm a born panicker haha so dont worry! xx

  4. @ohmakemeup yeah im definitely just going to use it as a highlight.
    i need a new bronzer though, not sure which one to get and im wondering is nars laguna worth the money? xx