Thursday, 14 May 2009

I'm back

So I started this blog a while back, did two posts then got a bit bored. I thought I was more suited to just following other people's blogs and not being a blogger but I've been enticed back.

I should be doing law/maths exam revision as i have 5 as exams next week (!) but heres my ins/outs of this week.

blonde hair - recently dyed it from black, to red, to gingery red and now to blonde (all in the space of about 5 weeks) and i'm loving it :)

weather - its been really nice and sunny here in the UK :) however im still cooped up at home in leggings, a shirt and thick socks haha

mac fluidline in blacktrack - wore eyeliner again yesterday for the first time in about 2 months and im loving it

barry m bronzer - got this for christmas, was loving it way before everyone found out about it!

pastel blue nails

study leave aka free time to spend with my friends having a nice drink in the sun

diets - no explanation needed for this!

eyeko tinted cream - i just cant seem to get the hang of this. when applied it rubs off my foundation underneath and just makes me look dirty and glittery, not bronzed and beautiful that i hoped

having no money - i have precisely £7 in my purse atm. and im trying to decide what i should buy with it: 101 lipstick, prestige glam tan or maybelline mineral blush?


my sally's having no silk infusion :( dont think im ever going to end up getting this!

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