Thursday, 21 May 2009

Yay or Nay

St Moritz Fake Tan Mousse- see previous post!
Chips- not good for me but I'm loving them at the moment with lots of salt and vinegar mmm
Gossip Girl books- even better than the programme! I read these first and I loved them. Imagine my delight when I heard they were being made into a TV series. Beware though, the plots are totally different!
Exams finish tomorrow
Bank Holiday nights out- two words, danny dyer.

Exam revision.
Rimmel Pro Nail varnish chipping! Up to ten days my arse. I have a top coat on too!
Sleep. I'm always tired even when I go to bed at 10pm and sleep till 12pm
Money. Have hardly any. And I'm going to mac next week.


  1. What do you usually buy from MAC?

    Id suggest a eyeshadow, lipgloss or foundation, those are my must haves from MAC :D

  2. well ive got a couple of eyeshadows, a mineralize skin finish natural, not much you see! i'm thinking of a blush prehaps, im going to see what the mua recommends I think