Thursday, 14 May 2009


Until probably about the last year or two, I never really followed a skin routine. Make up came off with a face wipe, splash of water on the face and if I'm lucky, a slap of body moisturiser on the face.

Now, I follow a routine of cleansing and moisturising twice a day. This is what I use:

On the left is Neutrogena Visibly Clear gentle exfoliating wash. I use this on a morning followed by Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturiser (on the right). At night I follow the same steps but use Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing cleanser (middle) before my moisturiser. I think of this cleanser as my toner, even though I know it isn't one, probably due to the fact you apply with a cotton ball.

I'm always amazed at how much dirt this clears off my face, even when I've thought my face has been totally clean due to the baby wipes and Neutrogena face wash that I've just used. On the other hand, I haven't noticed any change in the amount of blackheads I have. Maybe this product is more of a prevention method rather than the cure, so to speak.

However, I'm starting to get bored with this routine and I'm wondering whether this is actually improving my skin or just making it worse. I still get spots and blackheads, my skin is still dry in places so I've decided to switch it up, although not that much.

I found this in my cupboard yesterday so I've decided to give it a try again. It's the Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash (I am just a walking advert for clean&clear ha ha ha). I suspect this could be just the Neutrogena face wash but in another packaging or very similar. They do have the same name!
I'm going to carry on using this instead of the Neutrogena and skipping out the blackhead clearing cleanser step for about 1 or 2 weeks then report back.

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