Monday, 2 March 2009

Ins and Outs


90210 - I'm currently watching it whilst writing this post and I'm in love! Its certainly a good way to get over that horrible monday night hump of the week

Vaseline Rosy Lips - Just purchased and I adore it. Perfect light pink and satisfies my vaseline obsession for my lips

Oasis - Random, but i forgot how much i love them!

Non makeup days - Sometimes I just can't be bothered on a morning and when time permits, I let my skin breathe for the day

Coconut body lotion - Bought a tub from Savers (a UK drugstore) for 99p!! Absolute bargain!! I've also been informed it smells like pick and mix sweets, which can't be a bad thing!


College work - Talk about getting weighed under! Maybe I should start doing it straight away instead of letting it pile up and leaving it till last minute...

Cold - I'm sick sick sick of the weather! Can't wait for the summer, hopefully mother nature will give us Brits some decent weather instead of that lousy excuse we had for a summer last year

Big, red spots - I have a HUGE, and when I say huge, i mean it, nasty red stop. And it just won't disappear! It also seems like it's one of them spots that are under the skin...any suggestions on how to get rid?

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