Monday, 6 July 2009

What blonde?

I'm going to dye my hair again another shade of blonde and I'm not quite sure what tone. It is currently a light yellowy blonde (thanks peroxide!) and I can't decide whether to go even lighter or go darker.
I love this shade that Nicole Richie has, it is so pretty. I think I prefer much natural-er (is that a word haha?!) blondes than heavily bleached, which is what my hair is looking like currently :(

For example, I HATE the colour of Heidi Pratt's hair. I'm sure some people love it but I don't like how uniform the colour for all her hair. I prefer it to be cut up abit with highlights and lowlights of different shades.

As I'm diy dyeing my hair, does anyone have any good recommendations on hair dyes? I normally use Nice & Easy which I find have a good range of colours and it doesn't dry my hair out, but I'm curious to see what other people use!


  1. I have asked for that exact colour of Nicole Richie's at the hairdressers before and it looked gorgeous. I have something similar now, I get 2 different blondes (foil highlights) then a light brown colour inbetween.

    Bit pricier than diy but looks super. xx

  2. Sorry I couldn't help on the recommendations though :( xx

  3. I don't use at home hair dye, I get highlights as it creates more tones in your hair and looks a bit more natural. I can recommend a good shampoo and conditioner to keep your colour fresh though...the new John Frieda purple toned shampoo & conditioner is good, it takes away any brassiness in the colour

  4. @Victoria i think im just going to have to bite the bullet and splash out and get my hair dyed at the hairdressers, it definitely gives a better result i suppose x

  5. I love Nicole Richie's blonde! My hair is highlighted quite naturally and everyone can't believe it's dyed- which is a good look to go for :)

  6. Nicole's hair colour is beautiful in that pic!

  7. garnier have beautiful shades and use silver shampoo to remove and un wanted brassy tones

  8. *__*!! nicole's hair color is beautifull
    i'm thinking about bleaching my hair too... (i have it black right now) and as i've been dying my hair too much this year i think i'll wait for a while, but when i bleach my hair i'm going for the taylor momsen blond
    maybe whith some highlights and underlights to make it look more naural...dunno =D