Monday, 6 July 2009

People in/who know London!

Just a quick little post, I'm going to London this weekend and I wanted to know if anyone had an recommendations of shops? I'm going to the usual suspects i.e. Topshop in Oxford Street (highlight!) but I'm also going to Westfield. I think I'm actually most excited for this! Where should I go?
Also, is there CCO in Westfield or in London? Discount Mac could be calling my name :)



  1. lucky! you must be so excited. i know i would be. well, have lots of fun and then blog about it later. :)

  2. If youre going to west field you should check out the inglot store there, iv heard good things about it, they need to bring one to the north!

    p.s. thanks for following my blog! :)

  3. love your blog :) check out mine-